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Estate Planning Strategies

When Did You Last Review, Or Do You Have An Estate Plan?

We see all kinds of issues and problems regarding client's estate documents. Many times we will discover that the arrangements spelled out in the documents are not at all what a client wants today. Often, we help clients deal with sensitive family issues. We believe it is worth it to take the time to plan your estate with the proper professional (Legal, Tax, Investment). When you do, please take the following into consideration to help avoid these common mistakes.

  1. Not Having an Up-to-Date Estate Plan to Help Reduce Your Taxes
  2. Choosing the Wrong Trustee, Executor, or Guardian for Your Plan
  3. Not Funding Your Trusts
  4. Not Using the Full Exemption Equivalent Credit
  5. Failing to Equalize Your Spousal Estate
  6. Failing to Plan for the Care of Family Pets
  7. Not Using an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (ILIT) to Shelter Large Amounts of Life Insurance
  8. Not Sharing Your Estate Plan's Contents with Your Family
  9. Leaving an Unorganized Mess of Your Financial Records
  10. Not Coordinating Your Beneficiary Designations
  11. Is a Family Foundation a Choice For You?
  12. Are You Using Charitable Gifts To Help Minimize Your Taxes? (And still pass on your full estate)

You can give us a call to help you look at your own particular situation and see how we can help your Estate Planning needs and work with your tax and legal advisor.

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