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Investment Management

We have been advising and managing client's investments since 1981. We counsel on both retirement and non-retirement accounts, including company 401k and pension plans. Our goal is to advise clients on not only how to build their assets, but how to help preserve them as well while reducing investment taxes as much as possible.

Clients appreciate not only the ongoing service and reports they receive, but our professional approach that uses the individual's goals and desires incorporated with our asset allocation method. With the myriad of sometimes complex options available today, many people seek the advice of an experienced advisor to help make educated choices. With our personalized service, we establish a trust relationship with our clients which is so important to all the parties involved.

You can give us a call to help you look at your own particular situation and see how we can help you build, preserve and manage your investments.

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Women and Investing

Women face unique challenges when it comes to achieving financial freedom and solvency. This whitepaper explores the investing pitfalls women—and all investors—should avoid when taking control of their financial futures.